Learn More About HiLO™ Lens

Why would I use HiLO™ Lens ?

Memorable photos are often taken from unique angles. It is much easier to take high angle or low angle shots with HiLO™ Lens. Use HiLO™ Lens to make more memorable photos.

HiLO™ Lens is so small that it can be with you all the time. With HiLO™ Lens you can lay the iphone on any surface for a makeshift tripod. Take self portraits, group shots, time lapse shots easily, anywhere, anytime.

How do I use HiLO™ Lens ?

You align HiLO™ Lens by looking into HiLO™ Lens and seeing the iPhone camera  is centered.

You take a photo using the HiLO™ Lens App. The HiLO™ Lens App corrects for mirroring and improves the image quality because it has been designed for the HiLO™ Lens.

For video you should use the HiLO™ Lens App to correct mirroring on the fly. In video mode HiLO™ Lens provides a wider angle of view so video looks much better.

How does HiLO™ Lens hold to the iPhone ?

On the bottom of HiLO™ Lens there is a thin, magical tacky pad.

There is a hole in the middle of the pad, so it does not interfere with the image. Unlike normal tape, the pad uses micro-suction. If the pad gets dirty you can clean it with soapy water and it becomes as tacky as new again.

The tacky pad could hold 10 times the weight of HiLO™ Lens. We over-engineered this !

No residue or marks are left on the iPhone when removing HiLO™ Lens.

Where do I keep HiLO™ Lens when not using it ?

HiLO™ Lens comes with a small aluminum container that can attach to a keyring.

Why a lens instead of a mirror ?

To cover the iPhone camera's angle of view a mirror would be large and ugly. HiLO™ Lens is small, elegant and maintains the camera's full field of view. Lenses are cool :)

Be aware that products with mirrors may only be useful for video.

More about the HiLO Lens app

There is a lot of details on the free App Store page for the HiLO Lens app. There is even more details in our blog post on options. Our goal is to make the app easy to use "out of the box" but with plenty of options if you want to explore new uses.

More questions ?

Reach us at our support page