About Us

The inspiration for the HiLO Lens is the swivel/tilt screens provided by some digital cameras. With the growing use of mobile cameras we launched into the HiLO Lens project to create unique technology, experiment with crowd funding and leverage the web to collaborate across space and time. 

The idea was found by Mark Hampton, who continues to lead the project. After co-founding a successful microelectronics startup (Certess Inc.) Mark was keen for the challenge of developing a consumer product.

The team behind the HiLO Lens allowed us to deliver unique solutions. Our app developer is specialised in image processing, our optics designer has two PhDs and our mechanical designer brings beautiful form to simple function. Gillian Wasser manages our social media and got involved backing our Kickstarter (crowdfunding) campaign.

The team is dispersed throughout the world - New Zealand, Japan, UK, Vietnam, USA, Netherlands. Manufacturing is in China with Logistics in the USA & UK. 

Projects like ours have only become possible in recent years with crowd funding platforms like Kickstarter, freelance platforms like oDesk, logistics services like Shipwire, the amazing performance of mobile cameras, all this mixed together on web!  

If you have any questions about us, please reach us at support and read our blog.