• HiLO X Grip Case

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  • Description

    Replace the HiLO™ Lens tacky pad with our custom designed iPhone case. Aligning the HiLO™ Lens is so simple with this iPhone case. The HiLO™ Lens snap fits securely for extended use. No more cleaning the tacky pad!


    We've been told this is the sexiest iPhone case around. Be careful where you wear it...


    The HiLO™ X Grip case is designed to increase your grip and reduce the chance of a drop. Providing an everyday case that is super thin and compatible with the HiLO™ Lens. It is not your grandmother's phone case and deserves some explanation!


    The shape of smartphones makes them easy to drop - they are smooth. The small size of the iPhone also makes it easier to drop. Phone cases protect phones when they get dropped. But most cases simply make your device a slightly larger smooth object wanting to slip out of your hand.


    The HiLO™ X Grip case clips on each corner of your phone. Those corners bulge which means the phone is no longer a smooth object wanting to slip out of your hand. The material is textured so it has more grip than the glass and/or polished aluminum iPhone body.


    The HiLO™ X Grip case is designed so you won't drop it. But in the unlikely event that happens it provides full protection from drops onto a flat surface. When falling, the phone will nearly always impact on a corner - where the X Grip case has maximum protection.


    Play smarter and harder with the X Grip case, sexy protection for your smartphone !


    We have cases for the iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPhone5S